Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tiger Lily

I've started my next painting; it is well past time. My goal of keeping to at least one painting a month has already fallen by the wayside, but I haven't given up completely.

Today I blocked in the basic shape and colors for the Tiger Lily. Yep, I'm still keeping with a theme here of flowers. I am hoping to end up with a good series of paintings by the end of next June- and so the hope is to keep them all similar in theme. I may branch out into "botany" in general as more months pass, though!

This particular flower that I'm painting was part of a bed of flowers outside my Grandparent's retirement village in Lafayette, Indiana. I took the picture the day of my Grandfather's funeral. He was a Master Gardener, and although he didn't take care of these flowers anymore... I know he still loved them.

Anyhow, onto the artwork. This is the super-rough blocking, not a lot of attention to detail yet. I like sharing the progress pics, I don't know if people like seeing them... but it is always fascinating to me to see the different stages of progression!

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