Friday, March 16, 2012

Revisiting Older Photography

Well, in a bit of fun news I was approached today about doing a Solo Exhibit as part of the Art Hop at the CNM sometime next year. Yay! The big problem with this is, other than the artwork I did while AT the CNM.... I am sorely lacking in work. I've only just really gotten back into painting, as you can see from this blog. The good news is I have at least a year to get my act together. And this is great incentive.

Thanks to that, I am looking through all my photography for references for new paintings. I am finding stuff I definitely forgot about... and while it isn't quite right for the theme I'm considering; I still like some of it. They're not all fantastic, stellar, award winning Photographs. But they can't all be!

This one was taken at Prophet's Town Living History Park in Lafayette, Indiana. My Granddad was a docent for them for many years and we loved going out to visit. I was trying to take an artsy picture of the wheel, which I did. BUT- I had no idea that they were lunging one of the Belgian Cream Drafts in the background. I just happened to catch this picture when the horse was centered on the open barn door. That's the main reason why I love this photo.

This one is Monkey on our trip down to SC all those years ago. All like, 2 and a half of them. She's such a photogenic cat.

This would be one of the big churches in Savannah that I can't remember the name of.

And that's all for now. :)

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