Friday, March 2, 2012

Redbud on Display

The wonderful and amazing Lisa took some photos of my painting on display at the CNM Alumni+ Art Show, and also let me know the great news tonight- I won one of the show's awards! She thinks it was the Producer's Award, which is a huge honor. I'll correct this post when I know for sure.

Anyway, onto the pictures... Redbud on display at the Center for New Media.

The area of the Gallery where my piece is:

See? On the TV! I'm famous!

And here it is. I'm impressed, it looks way better on the giant screen than I thought it might- I didn't know if it had the resolution or not! But it definitely benefits from back lighting. Aaaah. Happy sigh.

I only wish I could have actually been there. That would have been amazing. But- thank you everyone for the lovely comments about this piece! I'm beyond thrilled with it. And thank you to the CNM Alumni+ Group for putting on the show!

Did I do enough excited sentences?! !! ... Sorry! hah.


  1. Congrats Kaylan! Does this mean that your rates are going to up now that you are "Award Winning Artist Kaylon Senour"?

    1. Hahaha, thank you. And no, my rates will stay where they are for my friends who "knew me before!"