Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Canvas Printing

So, I decided that I loved my Redbud painting. And how not? After finding out it won an award with a monetary prize attached, I decided that I could justify actually having it printed and stretched on Canvas. It took awhile to find someone that would stretch in the aspect ratio I needed for this piece, but I did it! One of these days I will learn how to make my paintings a standard size. Really I will.

Anyway, it came the other day and it is even better than I thought it would be! I am so thrilled. Now to just figure out where to hang it..

People have asked if they can purchase this piece; the answer is yes. I am happy to make additional canvas prints. This particular one is 18x12 and is priced at $150 mailed directly to you from the stretcher. If you want paint embellishment on the print, or my actual signature somewhere, then you're looking at $175 to cover additional shipping and handling. If you want a different size, smaller/larger, talk to me and we'll work something out!

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