Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where has the Kaylan gone?

Well, I sure have been slow at posting over here. Whoops! This past year has been a crazy one. I started my online shop, Wildcard Fiber Arts which sort of took off. Then I had surgery, and less than 6 weeks later started a new job! Woohoo! I'm working as the Tourism Assistant for Thoroughbred Country, which is a State Funded Tourism Region in South Carolina. I get to do a lot of things, including a good amount of design work! I'm really enjoying myself.

So, as far as design goes... what have I been up to?

Creatively Dyed
I just finished working with Dianne of Creatively Dyed to do a new logo for her. She is such a bright, vibrant person that her logo needed to be bright and vibrant, too!

She is really happy with it, and so am I. It will start replacing her old logo in print ads in the near future, but first off we've got to start transitioning all her old materials!

I've also been continuing work with Dianne on the Charlotte Fiber Festival advertisements. They have been showing up in many Fiber Arts Magazines over the past few months, and we're getting ready to start designing a few larger scale pieces soon as well.

Thoroughbred Country, SC
Okay, so this isn't freelance. This is my real job now. But I'm still having fun with it!

1. Itinerary for American Road Magazine's online Website- you can download it by heading over here. We had an itinerary previously, but when it came time to make a few content changes... I asked if I could give it a face lift as well and was given the go-ahead.

2. State Parks Stay and Play Brochure - Viewable as a PDF at this location. Just a quick flyer redesign for our local State Parks to help advertise some of their special deals.

3. Our Winter Newsletter - Viewable as a PDF at this location. Again, just a brief update for our Tourism Partners on what we're doing and to spread the word about some of the local holiday events happening throughout December.

Plus a smattering of redesigned ads for American Road Magazine, Southern Living, SC Living and more. I've been having a blast!

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