Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painting Winston

I've been working on this portrait for awhile, and maybe if I start posting about it that will give me the incentive I need to FINISH it! I got caught up with lots of other projects and this one fell by the wayside.

Anyhow, Winston is a beautiful story. He was rescued from the Aiken Equine Rescue by a woman who drives carriages competitively. She worked with him and her other horse, Barley, to get them ready for their first competition as a Tandem team. He did so well! I happened to be at that competition taking pictures and fell in love with him and the story. Since then I've had the opportunity to go out for a drive with Joanie, Winston and Barley and it was amazing! So I decided to do this Digital Painting from one of the photos I took.

As always- click on the pictures to embiggen!

I started off with a loose color study:

Then began on the detail:

And eventually finished the detail:

Now, a lot of people figured I was done at that point. But I want this to look like an oilpainting- so in reality, I actually still have a long way to go. But I'm halfway there!

Otherwise- I have been keeping busy. I got involved with a really exciting project that I can't give details on yet, but look for a special post for SURE on the 17th of May!

Friday, April 1, 2011


In my attempt to update this more than once a year, here's another one of my latest projects!

A friend turned client wanted me to set-up his blog for him, background and header. The subject? Everything geek! He wanted a sketchy, comic book meets Juno style, that kept it classic and geeky. I think this goal was accomplished!

The header:

A snippet of the Background:

I really enjoyed working on this project- it gave me a chance to flex the old drawing skills! Plus throwing all the little geeky things together was a blast.