Monday, March 7, 2011

The yearly update?

Well, I am really going to attempt to keep this going a little more frequently than I have been. Oops!

So, what have I been up to lately? A few things! I spent some time opening up my very own Etsy shop, Wildcard Fiber Arts that sells Knitting and Crochet Notions as well as some snazzy Fiber Jewelry. You should check it out. If anyone still reads this, that is.

Also, on the graphic design front... here's the quick rundown:

As always, click the pics to embiggen them!

1. An Invitation to a Wedding Shower.
Two versions; the original that I made, then one that is somewhat simplified that will actually get used. I like them both. (obviously, nothing was blurred on the real versions!)

2. Jeri Brock Woodworks- An Identity.
Jeri Brock Woodworks is an amazing little business that makes custom spindles. They are amazing. Oh my goodness amazing! Anyway, set her up with two avatars, a banner and business card. Her goal was classy and minimalistic. I think we achieved that!

3. Make-up Artist's Logo
A knitting friend is in school for cosmetology- and man is she good! Her special effects work is stunning. Anyhow, before graduation she needed a logo and business card. She wanted something that suited her pirate-y nature while showing the make-up side. So we decided on a revised skull and crossbones, combining the pirates with a make-up chart! Pretty simple, not my normal style; but she's in love.

4. Wildcard Fiber Arts!
Yes, I've even had time to work for myself. Surprisingly enough! Here's the latest set-up for the shop, including a few promo-beauty shots of some of the products.

(no, that is not one font that you can find; that was all me, baby. Well. Okay, me and bits and pieces of 4-5 different fonts. I love it! It is also being used on my hand-spun yarn tags. Yummy!)

5. Digitally Painting
Well, this one actually will have to wait for another post. But another pet project I've been working on involves digitally painting a local friends' horse, Winston. He was a rescue horse that she picked up and taught to work in a tandem team for competitive carriage driving. It is such a great story overall! I'll try to get this posted sometime in the next few days.

Anyhow, I hope that gives everyone the quick and dirty. There'll be some new photography to come in the next few weeks as well!