Friday, February 13, 2009


Ah, another project from my Digital Painting class! This one is still in progress.

The assignment was to do an Illustration for one of Shakespeare's plays, and I chose to do Othello. With a twist.

See, whenever i think of Othello the play, I always think of Othello the board game. Aka- Reversi or Go!. I thought it would be sort of tongue-in-cheek to take a Drama like that and give it a humorous aspect.

Now, my goal with this class so far has been to not use references as much as possible. But getting the perspective down was hard, and I realized I was having a wretched time making the plastic look.. good. I mean, how does one -paint- plastic? eck.

Clicking on Images will open it larger, in a new window!

So.. blocking in the colors and the shapes.

Alright, moving on. Trying to smooth things out and get some reflections going. I decided to go with a playing piece that had a dimple in the top, so that there would be something going on in each of the pieces. However, most people don't associate a dimpled piece with the game. So that will be.. scratched in the final. Or at least not as prominent. But! onto the artwork.

The green in the background wasn't working for me. I wasn't as enthused with how it was all coming together; I mean, really, so far its pretty bad eh? But, at the suggestion of a friend I decided to try working in a brown board instead. Fortunately Corel Painter has some amazing functionality, and it wasn't too difficult to make the change.

That was about the point that I decided not to give up on the piece. I kept working on it, got the colors spread in and around. Browns in the whites, blues in the browns.. whites in the blacks? It took on a better shape and form and I came up with something to show in front of the class that I could be happy with.

Overall, I'm pleased. It isn't finished yet. I received some great critiques from the class about things to change. The highlights on the white pieces are a little bright, there's some burrs that need to be cleaned up. And of course it needs to have the text "Othello" and "Shakespeare" on it still. So, work in progress... but still very happy!

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