Monday, February 16, 2009

Digital Experimentation

During one of my classes at Valley we were tasked with recreating a traditional 2D art form on the computer. We had to pick an artist we respected; then try to re-create one of their works in whatever digital form we wanted.

I chose the artist Jody Bergsma, a painter in Washington State.

The piece I picked was called "I am the Wind", and I actually cropped down to a small portion of the total piece. You can find the piece here, if you'd like to see the original!

So, Here is my recreation of watercolor techniques using Adobe Illustrator. Overall, very pleased with this piece.

This following image is the beginning of a piece I started using this technique; Its still in the beginning stages though so the image isn't quite as clear. But, it is in fact a very close crop of a horse's face. The eye is in the dark circle to the left, and the very base of it's ear is at the top center.

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